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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Sacramento Kings Could Deal Pick To Houston Rockets

So the Sacramento Kings probably have no idea what to do with their pick. The best players will be long since taken, and the players they want are probably a little bit too low on the draft order.

So how can the Kings help Dwight Howard get moved? By making a trade with the Houston Rockets, who desperately want to bring in the Magic center and are willing to get the deal going after landing a multitude of huge draft picks.

Chad Ford and Marc Stein of ESPN files this latest report that would have Houston making a deal with Toronto and Sacramento to get the picks necessary to make a deal with Orlando.

Upon hearing of Sunday night's developments, one rival general manager told that he believes Houston's real aim is acquiring two top-10 picks this week to turn around quickly and offer both to the Orlando Magic as part of a considerable trade offer for Dwight Howard.

The Rockets' willingness to trade for Howard -- even without the All-Star center's signature on a contract extension -- is an open secret around the league. But it's believed that two top-eight picks, assuming Houston managed to complete trades with both Sacramento and Toronto, would seriously pique the interest of new Magic general manager Rob Hennigan, who could then quickly start following the same sort of roster-building blueprint relied on by his previous employers in Oklahoma City.

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