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Jimmer Fredette Gets Married, DeMarcus Cousins Teases Him On Twitter

Jimmer Fredette established himself as one of the greatest shooters in college basketball history while lighting the nets on fire with the BYU Cougars. Jimmer was selected No. 10 overall in last year's NBA Draft and was then dealt to the Sacramento Kings. He played a small role on a team that struggled for most of the season, but his future remains very bright.

On Friday night Jimmer and his fiancé, Whitney Wannacott, got married. The two met at BYU and have been dating for quite a few years now. After tying the knot in front of hundreds of family members and friends, one of his teammates decided to haze him a bit on Twitter.

We have DeMarcus Cousins' awesome tweet after the jump.

We'll let you finish out the rest of that one. Cousins has always been known to be a jokester and has been good friends with Jimmer since he joined the team last summer. Stuff like this is always fun to see, especially with two guys as likable as Fredette and Cousins are.

Best of luck with your honeymoon, Jimmer.

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