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Tyreke Evans Wants Basketball In His Hands [AUDIO]

Tyreke Evans of the Sacramento Kings could be facing some trade rumors for much of the rest of the summer. Evans has struggled with injuries and is considered one of the more tradeable assets among the young players the Kings currently possess in their starting lineup.

Evans spent a lot of time at small forward this past season, which required adjustment to the position that saw his numbers further dip. He went on radio and discussed where he feels the strongest on the basketball court.

"It doesn’t really matter but if it was my decision I think I’m better with the ball in my hands but I did a good job of learning how to play the three spot, even though that is not my natural position, but I learned a lot of things that towards the end of the season I got better at. I just think it’s getting better and playing different positions and learning new things but I think I’m better with the ball in my hands."

Evans discussing about how much he wants the basketball in his hands makes you think he'd rather be playing point guard rather than small forward. Unfortunately his instincts as a point guard appear to be well-behind the instincts of a more natural point like Isaiah Thomas. Tyreke needs to learn to play off the basketball more often if he wants to be a complete player.

Click here to listen to the whole radio interview.

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