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Tyreke Evans Trade Rumors: Should Sacramento Make Deal With Chicago Bulls?

There will be constant speculation with Sacramento Kings fans about what to do with their fifth pick in the 2012 NBA draft. Sacramento might keep it or feel like it's better if they trade it away. There's a lot of different ways these guys could end up swinging regarding this selection.

One ESPN Chicago writer suggests the Chicago Bulls snatching the pick and grabbing Tyreke Evans by dealing Joakim Noah.

Evans could run the point while Derrick Rose recovers from knee surgery, then play alongside him when he comes back. The Bulls desperately need a second shot-creator, and Evans could be that guy. Evans has underachieved defensively in the NBA, but Tom Thibodeau would cure him of that. He has the physical traits of someone that should be an elite defensive guard.

Why Sacramento would ever consider making a trade for another center when they already have a center is beyond me. Perhaps the more logical deal is for Luol Deng, as Evans would probably be asked to play small forward with the Bulls and Deng (still fairly young at 27) could provide that veteran presence the young Kings desperately need in the locker room.

In other news, the Kings worked out Jamelle Barrett in the possibility of finding players for their summer-league roster.

Talk about the possibility of the Kings trading Evans or grabbing Barrett over at Sactown Royalty.

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