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Tyreke Evans Trade Rumors: Toronto Raptors Intrigued

The Sacramento Kings could shake up their young core this offseason to try and move them in the direction of being a playoff contender in the near future. Sacramento could end up shopping one or two of their younger players to try and obtain a veteran.

Tyreke Evans is the players who will be mentioned in trade rumors a lot this offseason. Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld has already reported the Toronto Raptors have inquired about Tyreke along with a host of other players in the NBA.

That being said, what could the Raptors offer that the Kings would want? Jose Calderon? Andrea Bargnani? DeMar DeRozan? None of these guys are worth Tyreke by themselves, and it's unlikely Toronto would gut their team to make this deal work.

The only way this might happen is if Sacramento could ask for one of those players and grab Toronto's draft picks. And then perhaps Sacramento could package their two top ten draft picks for an even better player. The possibilities are endless the further you go down the rabbit hole.

Talk about the thought of the Kings trading Tyreke to Toronto with Sacramento fans at Sactown Royalty. Raptors fans can hit up Raptors HQ for their thoughts on Evans in Canada.

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