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Sacramento Kings Really Targeting John Henson, Working Out Tyler Zeller

The Sacramento Kings probably shouldn't worry too much about drafting the best player available if they plan on keeping the current core together. The Kings already have plenty of talents on their roster who should eventually mesh well once given the chance to succeed.

What Sacramento really needs now is someone who fits the overall team profile. The Kings appear to be set at point guard with Isaiah Thomas and have their big man of the future in DeMarcus Cousins, and then will probably set in stone whether Marcus Thornton or Tyreke Evans are part of the team's long-term plans, but in the end Sacramento should at least have their backcourt set.

So that leaves the Kings with two areas of need for this draft: Small forward and power forward, most likely at power forward. Currently Sacramento seems to be leaning toward John Henson as that complement to Jason Thompson and Cousins. Sam Amick seems to believe Henson is one of the top targets for Sacramento on the board.

Another possibility? Henson's North Carolina teammate Tyler Zeller, who could become the second twin tower for the Kings. Zeller works out with Sacramento today along with a host of other players, but he's the only other one who could potentially be picked with the first round pick of the Kings.

Talk about Henson and Zeller with Kings fans about whether they fit, head on over to Sactown Royalty.

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