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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Kings Pick Harrison Barnes No. 5 Overall

The Sacramento Kings found themselves in the lottery for the fifth straight year, meaning they'll be getting a top collegiate talent for the fifth straight season as well. The question remains as to who will be the best fit for them this year, though SB Nation's Tom Ziller feels North Carolina's Harrison Barnes would be an excellent selection in his latest NBA mock draft.

Here is Ziller with the commentary:


Harrison Barnes is the anti-Tyreke Evans on offense. Reke can score plenty, but pretty much only by driving to the rim. Barnes can score plenty ... except he can't drive to the rim. It's a nice match, especially when you consider DeMarcus Cousins' inside-out game, Isaiah Thomas' pick-and-roll talent and the absolute cavernous hole the team's small forward position has become.

Adding another young talented player to Sacramento's roster filled with young talented players is all good and fine, but Barnes does fit the mold very well, and could somewhat be the glue that holds this unit together if he flourishes.

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