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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Sacramento Kings Take Andre Drummond

The Sacramento Kings stayed right where they are in the 2012 NBA Draft order--they stay fifth overall. Anthony Davis is the only surefire talent in this pick, but there are a lot of other valuable players at this position and Sacramento could go in multiple directions.

They could upgrade their big man depth behind DeMarcus Cousins and Jason Thompson. They could get stronger wing players to give Sacramento better outside shooting and versatility. They could find a guard that helps the Kings better move the ball and improve their offensive flow. They could even trade the pick to find a quality veteran talent to help Sacramento improve more quickly.

Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress files his latest mock draft and distributed it in Yahoo Sports. Givony has the Kings taking UConn center Andre Drummond.

This could be shades of 2010, where arguably the second-most-talented player in the draft fell to the No. 5 pick, only to be swooped up by the Sacramento Kings. Drummond could slip for different reasons than DeMarcus Cousins did, but there's little doubt the two complement each other fairly well, possibly forming one of the biggest and most physically gifted frontcourts in the NBA. The question is whether Sacramento will find a way to get the most out of Drummond's immense talent, and whether they are prepared to take on another project player who may take a couple of years to pan out.

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