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Sacramento Kings Relocation: Maloof Brothers Acting 'Bizarre' According to Ray Ratto

CSN Bay Area's Ray Ratto always tells it like it is, and it is like this: The Maloof brothers are acting like kooks.

CBS-13 in SacTown reports that they [the Maloofs] hired a retired FBI agent to investigate whether Sacramento business leaders who signed an open letter to David Stern urging the commissioner to force the Maloofs to sell the Kings were in fact forgeries.

Yay lunacy!

But wait. There's more. Arena advocate Chris Lehane has asked the attorney general OF THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES FOR GOD'S SAKE to investigate the Maloofs for investigating the signatures.

Yay city-wide brain bubbles!

It is abundantly clear the two sides literally hate each other, don't want anything to do with each other, and soon enough won't have to.

Signature verification? Do you really need to bring the FBI and the Attorney General into this? Apparently so. Oh well, these guys know what they are doing right?

This has gone way beyond an NBA Franchise, the city Sacramento, or even the all-important monetary aspects of this entire arena/relocation fiasco. The Maloof boys got their feelings hurt and now their pride must be restored, not to mention that David Stern really just doesn't give a crap.

Frankly, if David Stern weren't too busy pretending to give a damn about flopping and checking off the days until his retirement, he'd fly to Sacramento with a fistful of owners' proxies, take the team from both the Maloofs and Sacramento and put them on a very high shelf.

But Stern can't be an honest broker here. He works for the Maloofs, not the city, and if he wanted to get nasty with them, other owners might dislike the precedent and get nasty with him.

The Maloofs are in a position to do whatever they see fit at the moment, so why not add more fuel to the fire?

There is an immutable truth here for all to learn, namely this: If it's going bad anyway, give it a push. I mean, it's not like the Maloofs or the city were even trying to fix it any more.

Truer words may never have been spoken (or written).

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