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DeMarcus Cousins Says Blake Griffin Is 'Babied' By The NBA

Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins is rarely at a loss for words, and after the Kings 93-85 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, Cousins had some very interesting comments about Blake Griffin and how he is treated by the NBA.

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SB Nation's resident basketball guru Tom Ziller had the report over at Sactown Royalty, noting that maybe DeMarcus had a point when making these comments:

"He's babied," Cousins told after the Kings fell to the Clippers 93-85. "He's the poster child of the league. He sells tickets, but he's babied. Bottom line."

"The refs, the league -- period," he continued. "He gets away with [everything]. He taunts players. Nothing is done. He's babied."

Ziller suggests that it is the view of Griffin as a 'nice guy' around the league with his witty Kia commercials and what not have helped him out when it comes to referees, though Cousins' public persona of a 'monster' is likely the basis for his frustration:

You will never ever hear media question Griffin's overall status as a good kid, which is fair, because there has been little to suggest he is not a good kid. Now consider how Cousins is portrayed: as some kind of monster. They do the same things: complain too much, stare down opponents, flap their jaws. One maintains a golden halo, the other wears a demon's horns....Cousins is simply unfairly portrayed far too frequently."

Sorry DeMarcus. Don't know what to tell ya bud. Public opinion is pretty hard to sway, especially when you aren't seen in KIA ads every commercial break, and the only time you are put on public display is when you have an 'outburst.'

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