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Sacramento Kings Arena Deal: Maloof Brothers, Mayor Kevin Johnson Displeased With Each Other

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Negotiations between the Sacramento Kings organization and the city of Sacramento could be reaching a boiling point. The Maloofs (owners of the Kings) and Mayor Kevin Johnson (the man who's been at the heart of trying to keep the team in Sacramento) seemed to agree to a settlement that would've put the team on track for a new arena in due course.

Things are never as simple as they should be though. Not when it comes to the Kings and Sacramento.

First the Maloofs turned against their own original stance and seemed to back away from the agreement that they would put up any of the money to begin developing the new arena. The Mayor has moved to the counterattack to strike down any such thoughts. Ryan Lillis and Tony Bizjak of the Sacramento Bee files this report.

Mayor Kevin Johnson lashed out at the Maloof family today, calling their statements that the family never agreed to pay for pre-development costs of a new arena "disingenuous."

Hours before the City Council is expected to approve the start of crucial pre-development work on the $391 million arena, the mayor accused the Maloofs of "tactics and antics that are not becoming of a true partnership."

"We as a city can't be jerked around," he said. "We can't keep having this issue flare up."

Johnson then indicated he wants the issue resolved by next week.

It's safe to say that we have a long way to go, and plenty more headaches for Kings fans everywhere.

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