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Sacramento Kings Not Moving Yet, According To George Maloof

Despite all evidence to the contrary, the Maloofs are trying to keep appearances and make sure the Kings stay in Sacramento. Ken Berger of CBS Sports files this report on his talk with co-owner George Maloof (HT Aykis16 of Sactown Royalty).

Responding to Johnson's accusation that the Maloofs backed away from the deal because they want to move the team, George Maloof said, "Our intention is to stay in Sacramento." But when pressed for a commitment that the family would not file a relocation petition with the NBA, he said, "Ask me in a year."

"We're not even thinking beyond that, and we have no desire to relocate, really, to be honest with you," George Maloof said. "No desire. We feel we have great fans and we want to work something out."

Yeah. Sure.

Convenient for George to take that stand. Because, you know, the Kings can't move this season even if they wanted. The deadline for relocation this season has past. Of course he can't move. The Kings are stuck where they are at least another year, at which point the team might think about filing for relocation. Except they probably can't do that either, since the NBA commissioner seemed to assert the team is staying where they are at least until 2014.

George can keep on doing this song and dance until the end of time, but in the end the only way fans are really going to believe he's committed to keeping the Kings in Sacramento is to get the brothers to come to a new arena deal (where none appears to be forthcoming), or sell the team to an owner willing to keep the team where it is. Until then, all this is window dressing.

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