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Sacramento Kings New Arena Deal: Vancouver Seen As Possible New Location

After the death of a new arena deal surfaced and the city of Sacramento tried to figure out why their team, the Kings, again appeared to be moving on, word is now getting out of who could be the favorites to land the Kings if they were to go.


ESPN's Ric Bucher told "The Kevin Calabro Show" on Friday that Vancouver would be a "very viable spot" for a Kings relocation.

"Maybe, quite honestly, the most viable spot right among places that gets the next NBA franchise that is on the move."

What happened to Seattle? It seemed like a foregone conclusion that Seattle would be the next spot for an NBA team to settle in with their starving fanbase and proven track record. Why Vancouver?

"They have the corporate infrastructure, they have a building that they can readily move into ... they also have a very hot hockey team there currently. It's a place that [the NBA] doesn't want to give up on."

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