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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Sacramento Kings Select Bradley Beal, Darius Miller

The Sacramento Kings could be stacking up their wing depth in the 2012 NBA Draft, as one mock has them taking Bradley Beal of Florida and Darius Miller of Kentucky.

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With the NBA regular season winding down, teams and fanbases like the Sacramento Kings are starting to look toward June, and who they should end up picking in the NBA Draft. While their position is far from secure, the Kings currently sit at the fifth position, and DraftExpress has them picking shooting guard Bradley Beal of the Florida Gators in their latest mock.

It's hard to see the Kings drafting Beal this high. Sacramento is already set at shooting guard with Marcus Thornton, and you generally don't use a top five draft pick on a backup two-guard. It'd be more useful for Sacramento to draft a small forward to try and fix up their greatest issue, but Michael Kidd-Gilchrist probably isn't available and then you're left looking at a lot of guys who might or might not pan out like Harrison Barnes of North Carolina or Terrence Ross of Washington.

So Sacramento takes their small forward later on, grabbing Darius Miller of Kentucky with their second round pick.

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