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Sacramento Kings Arena Deal Passed By City Council, Will Be Ready By 2015

The Sacramento Kings, their fans and their mayor won on Tuesday evening. With a proposed arena deal just a few steps away from being finalized, the city council voted after multiple delays. The final verdict: 7-2 in favor of a new arena that will be open in time for the 2015 season.

It seemed like keeping the Kings in northern California was going to be impossible this time last year. The city of Anaheim was more than ready to have a professional basketball team and Seattle has yearned for the NBA to return for years. When the final buzzer rang last season, many thought it was the final horn in Sacramento hoops history.

Without a complete team effort from every party involved, it appeared the Kings were gone.

After many meetings with the NBA's league offices, various investors and a million advisors, the city finally drew up a plan for a new stadium that seemed to please everyone. A lot of work was done over the All-Star Game Weekend in Florida and a big step was taken on Sunday as word came that an agreement would be sent to the city council for a vote.

With many, many supporters in attendance -- including starting point guard Isaiah Thomas -- the city council voted in favor of the new deal. With the agreement in place, there are just a few small steps left before construction begins.

Long Live The Kings.

You won, city of Sacramento. Congratulations.

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