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New Sacramento Kings Arena Project Passes City Council Vote (!)

This time last year, it looked like the Sacramento Kings would leave town for Anaheim and their devoted fan base would be left in the dark. Thanks to an incredible team effort and unrelenting work from Kevin Johnson, the Mayor of Sacramento, it appears the team will be staying in northern California for the long-haul. With the city council voting on the projected arena plan for 2015, it appears SacTown has taken a huge step forward.

This vote was the primary hurdle from getting a deal done and the 7-2 approval is phenomenal news for Kings fans everywhere. Again, this team simply would not have stayed in Sacramento without the support, dedication and hard work of those living in the area.

Given the wild history surrounding the arena negotiations everyone should probably hold their breath until the structures start being put into place, but the passing vote sure does make this look like a done deal.

Congratulations, Sacramentans. You've earned this.

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