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Sacramento Kings Lose To Phoenix Suns 96-88 With Fourth Quarter Drought

The Sacramento Kings are a team that has a lot of issues, one of them primarily being ball movement and player movement to keep the offense flowing. Those issues are occasionally alleviated with Isaiah Thomas running the point, but even he doesn't always play well enough to keep things flowing.

During the crucial stretch for Sacramento against the Phoenix Suns on Sunday night, Sacramento's offense stagnated on multiple consecutive possessions, as the Kings passed only once or didn't passed at all when attempting shots, leading to no baskets and an uncontested Phoenix run that put the Suns up comfortably for the rest of the game.

The Kings offense was not strong, shooting 38.4% from the field compared to 45.5% for Phoenix. Marcus Thornton needed 23 shots to score 21 points, DeMarcus Cousins 20 shots to score 16 points, Tyreke Evans 18 shots to score 17 points, and Isaiah Thomas needed 13 shots to score a mere eight. Phoenix was led by Marcin Gortat with 14 points and 17 rebounds; Steve Nash chipped in 19 points and seven assists and Jared Dudley (14 points), Shannon Brown (13 points) and Channing Frye (11 points, 10 rebounds) all chipped in.

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