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Terrence Williams Reportedly Signs Contract With Kings For 2012 Season

The Sacramento Kings took a risk when they signed much-maligned guard/forward Terrence Williams to a 10-day contract earlier this month, and it has paid off to this point. According to Williams, he has already completed the paperwork to remain with the Kings for the rest for the 2012 season.

He has done a bit of everything with Sacramento thus far in limited playing time, averaging nearly 8 points, four rebounds and two assists. He played a season-high 22 minutes on Friday evening against the Jazz, a game the Kings won by a point.

Sactown Royalty, our tremendous Kings blog, weighed in on the move:

"If the Kings were interested in signing Williams to a multi-year, they could use their cap space this season to frontload a deal, but it's unlikely there will be a huge market for the wing in the summer, so there's probably little reason to play with what should be a small cap figure."

The Kings have very little to lose by keeping Williams in town for the next month or so. I would probably avoid hanging out any multi-year deals, but he might have earned himself a deal for next season.