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Sacramento Kings Rally, Fall Short Of Utah Jazz 103-102

The Sacramento Kings seemed to finally show their youth when they couldn't hit any of their shots against the Utah Jazz. Despite outrebounding Utah 55-45 and piling up 26 offensive boards to 11, Sacramento blew this one by missing 63 shots and shooting 40.6% from the field while giving up 47.3% shooting.

Al Jefferson got 26 points and seven rebounds, as he battled the monstrous DeMarcus Cousins (18 rebounds, 10 offensive!), but he did force Cousins to score 28 points on 28 shots. Gordon Hayward put up 18 points, seven rebounds and five assists, Devin Harris added 14 and Derrick Favors put in 12.

Tyreke Evans scored 25 points on 11 of 17 shooting, Jason Thompson added 19 points and 15 rebounds, and Marcus Thornton put up 16 points.

Here are the highlights for Kings vs. Jazz.

(via kingsflix)

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