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Isaiah Thomas Making Serious Push For NBA Rookie Of The Year

Folks around the country may not be talking about him, but Isaiah Thomas is the real deal. Since becoming a full-time starter in the final weeks of February, 'Mr. Irrelevant' -- a name given to the final pick at the NBA Draft -- is averaging nearly 17 points, five assists and three rebounds a night.

Most importantly, the Kings are 7-9 in games he starts, with two of those loses coming at the buzzer.

Not only is Thomas performing well on an individual level, but Sacramento is playing their best ball of the season with him running the offense. We have some pretty astounding numbers after the jump that might just make you a believer in #IsaiahROY.

And another:

Amazing what happens when a team has a real point guard and not a small forward running the offense!

The Kings knew they were getting a talented, scrappy player when they selected Isaiah Thomas with the 60th overall pick last summer, but I don't think anyone expected them to get a ROY frontrunner and point guard to build around for years to come.

Tweet it early, often and proud: #IsaiahROY. He deserves it.

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