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J.J. Hickson Bought Out By Sacramento Kings

The long and illustrious tenure of J.J. Hickson with the Sacramento Kings is at an end. After failing to deal him at the NBA trade deadline, Hickson has been let go for essentially nothing. Hickson was supposed to be a restricted free agent this summer, which probably means Sacramento wanted to help out J.J. and let him go so he could find another spot to thrive.

Hickson always struggled with his shooting, but he took it to new levels this season, managing only a 37% FG clip, averaging under five points per game and just over five rebounds per game.

Hickson should draw interest from multiple teams for his occasional flashes of excellence. With the Boston Celtics losing Jermaine O'Neal for the season, Hickson immediately becomes exactly the sort of player they could pick up to try and fill their bench for another playoff run.

Sacramento now has nothing to show for the deal that sent Omri Casspi and a first round draft pick to Cleveland.

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