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Sacramento Kings Beat Oklahoma City Thunder 106-101

The Sacramento Kings had only one national TV appearance which came tonight, and they made the best of it against the league-leading Oklahoma City Thunder. With the Kings trailing late, Marcus Thornton hit some huge threes to tie things up with a minute or so left, and then Sacramento hit some go-ahead free throws to take the lead for good. It was hardly a clean contest for Sacramento, but they took advantage of Thunder mistakes throughout to earn the upset.

Oklahoma City turned over the ball 23 times and conceded extra shots all game long to Sacramento, who attempted 99 (NINETY-NINE!) field goals in regulation compared to 77 for the Thunder. All those extra shots ended up making the difference, since Sacramento only hit 40% of those shots.

Tyreke Evans had 22 points, five rebounds and five assists, DeMarcus Cousins put up 19 points and nine rebounds, and Thornton added 15 points. Jason Thompson put in 11 points and 10 boards and Donte Greene added 10 points. Russell Westbrook added 33 points, Kevin Durant put in 27 points, and James Harden finished with 17 points.

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