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VIDEO: Isaiah Thomas Is Cold-Blooded, Nails Prayer Three

Isaiah Thomas of the Sacramento Kings is continuing to prove he's no Mr. Irrelevant. He's fast becoming one of the team's most consistent performers. Thomas put up 17 points on six of 11 shooting with six assists and five rebounds. Thomas then helped spark the Kings off the bench when they fell behind deep early and when they were mounting their come back late.

Thomas's biggest contribution came down the stretch. Tyreke Evans got trapped in the corner near the halfcourt line and nearly turned it over throwing it crosscourt, but Thomas raced back and chased down the ball. With only seconds remaining, Thomas dribbled it right back up, raced toward the three point line, then pulled up for three.

Check out the video of the result after the jump.

Isaiah Thomas "Mr. Fourth Quarter" (via kingsflix)

I would say this is a prayer three. But Thomas tends to excel at nailing those prayer threes, so they feel more like assurances.

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