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Kevin Johnson Returns To Sacramento, Receives Hero's Welcome [VIDEO]

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson has gone the extra mile to keep the Sacramento Kings right where they are, and his hard work and dedication to the project might've ensured the team stays in the state capital. The arena plan that would put a start-of-the-art stadium where the Old Railyards are currently situated appears to be coming together, and all parties are making ample progress to ensure that the Kings are here to stay for the considerable future.

You can imagine how enthusiastic the response was from Kings fans when Johnson returned to Sacramento last night after concluding negotiations in Orlando. Video can be seen after the jump.

The process is not yet done for Sacramento. But it's shocking how far things have progressed in the past nine months after the team looked like it could be gone. Mayor Johnson has done a lot to help things move in the right direction, and now it's up to him to close it out.

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