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City Of Sacramento And Sacramento Kings Have Framework Of A Deal In Place To Stay In Sac-Town

According to, the Sacramento Kings will be staying in Sacramento.

Mayor Kevin Johnson told the media in Orlando that the city, the Maloof Brothers and the NBA have agreed on the framework of a deal for a new entertainment and sports complex downtown which would provide the Kings with the new facility they've been needing for quite some time now. The goal is to present the deal to the Sacramento City Council on March 1 for a vote on March 6.'s Sam Amick tweeted that Kevin Johnson wants "to jump up and down." We guess it is safe to assume that Johnson is jumping out of happiness, but that's just a guess. He could just be jumping up and down as a means to stay in shape. We may never know...

But seriously, it looks like the cowbells are here to stay barring any unforeseen complications. Doesn't seem likely as Johnson told the Sacramento Bee's Ryan Lillis, "It's game over."