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Sacramento Kings To Make Large Contribution To New Arena Deal

Sacramento Kings fans only have a few days left before the deadline to have a deal in place for the proposed $387 million arena put forth by the City, but in a report from the Sacramento Bee Wednesday, NBA commissioner David Stern said that the Kings will make a large contribution to the Sacramento arena project, which should go a long way to keep the team in Sac-Town.

During an interview with TNT"s David Aldridge, Stern noted that hopefully things will 'make sense' before the March 1st deadline to hash out a deal for the proposed $387 million arena deal from the city. Los Angeles based AEG is also seen to be a player in the deal, which is viewed as a 'team contribution' by Stern:

"The team has agreed to a substantial contribution, both directly from itself, but also by catalyzing AEG to be interested. In effect, whatever money AEG puts in is because of give-backs by the team ... so we see that as a team contribution," Stern said. "Whether it ultimately closes all the gaps, we'll know as we negotiate continuously and I fully expect that we will be negotiating in Orlando (this weekend when team and city representatives meet for the All-Star game)"

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson also plans to meet with Stern during the weekend face-to-face, and also expects to have a 'term sheet' to show the City Council for review on Tuesday.

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