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Sacramento Kings Meet Mike Tyson Amidst Linsanity [PHOTOS]

Jim Gray is not a very useful human being. Seeing him on TV gives you the same feeling of discovering raccoons are breeding in your attic. You feel instantly dirty because you know shenanigans generally await, and none of them provide any sort of warm fuzzy feelings.

However, Gray did provide something cool this time around. He brought along a friend for the Kings players to meet.


(Image on the Instagram.)

Yeah, that's right! The only thing crazier than Linsanity is a man who knows all about madness himself. This is an image perfect for a Jeremy Lin night at the Garden before taking on the Knicks.


(Click here for original image link.)

It was good that Tyson showed up for the Kings to give them some highlights on the night. Sacramento sure didn't have any in their loss to New York. And he definitely showed up during his halftime show.

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