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Sacramento Kings Fall 121-115 To Chicago Bulls

The Sacramento Kings started off their road trip with an inspired effort offensively, as they worked the usually defensive-minded Chicago Bulls to put up an impressive 115 points.

Unfortunately, their infamous defense showed up too and sunk them.

Without Derrick Rose, Chicago still managed to shoot 52% from the field and dish 33 assists with only 13 turnovers. Luol Deng led Chicago with 23 points, seven rebounds and 11 assists, John Lucas III added nine and nine, Joakim Noah had 22 points and 11 rebounds, Carlos Boozer put in 16 points, and Kyle Korver gave Chicago 18 points off the bench. Offense was what Chicago needed tonight to stay in front of Sacramento.

The Kings wasted a great performance from DeMarcus Cousins, putting up 28 points and 17 rebounds (although he did have six turnovers). Tyreke Evans came close to a triple double (27-8-8), and Marcus Thornton put in 23 points.

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