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Chris Webber Rants On Local Radio, Hangs Up On Grant Napear Show [AUDIO]

Chris Webber will always have a place in the hearts of Sacramento Kings fans everywhere. He led the team to their best seasons in franchise history and he has been a crucial piece as an advocate to keep the team in Sacramento. C-Webb was in Sactown on Thursday night and called the game against the Thunder on TNT.

Even though Mayor Kevin Johnson said in his interview that the vote for a new arena had not failed, Webber and the TV crew reported that the vote had indeed failed. Since the news came out, there have been rumors flying in every direction. Webber called into The Grant Napear radio show on Friday and got into a heated exchange with Napear about the story TNT had reported.

We have a link to the audio after the jump...

You can hear Webber calling in here.

Napear is understandably upset afterwards and it was pretty unprofessional for Webber to behave the way he did. And who hangs up in a radio interview without allowing a counterpoint to be made? That isn't cool at all.

The potential relocation of the Kings has been an emotional topic for years now and it will only worsen as the rumors continue. Stay tuned, folks.