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VIDEO: Kenneth Faried Impresses For Denver Nuggets Over Sacramento Kings

Kenneth Faried from Morehead State was one of those guys many draft scouts thought would pan out in the league. His raw athleticism and ability to track down rebounds was considered to be an impressive asset that would help out a team in need of rebounding

Faried ended up with the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets didn't need rebounding or big men. The rest of the league probably just made a big mistake, and the Sacramento Kings ended up learning the hard way. Find out the big plays Faried made after the jump.

Travis Outlaw went up to slam it late. Faried was having none of this.


(Click here if having trouble with the animated image.)

Equally impressive (perhaps even more so) is Rudy Fernandez going over-the-head in extended garbage time to churn out victory.

(via nbavideosnow2)

Faried is looking like he's off to a good start as a Nugget, and the Kings were the first of many to pay.

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