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Marcus Thornton Injury: Out 1-2 Weeks, Jimmer Fredette To Play More

The Sacramento Kings haven't had a really great season. It might get a lot tougher when they lose their starting two-guard Marcus Thornton for the next few games.

Thornton is averaging 16 points per game but is shooting under 40% from the field. He hasn't quite lived up to the contract the Kings threw at him this offseason to keep him in Sacramento, and he will need to produce at a higher level when he gets back if the Kings are expected to make some noise.

The injury to Thornton means Jimmer Fredette will get more of a chance to see the court. Fredette has been even more efficient than Thornton, hovering around 35% shooting and averaging more shots taken than points scored. Both of these shooting guards are going to have pick up their game in future contests.

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