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Sacramento Kings Hold Halftime Lead Over San Antonio Spurs

The Sacramento Kings came away with a big win over the Indiana Pacers in their last game and now they hold a slight lead over the Spurs in San Antonio. Despite being up big early in the second quarter, the Kings lead 50-47 at the half. Sacramento shot 42.6% from the field in the first two quarters, including four of their 13 attempts from behind the arc.

Tyreke Evans led the way and could record a triple-double with a solid second half; the third-year guard has 11 points, five rebounds and five assists at the break. Marcus Thornton has 11 points as well, although he has three fouls that may limit in the rest of the way. DeMarcus Cousins recorded six points and six rebounds, while Jimmer Fredette continues to struggle with only three points on four shots.

Tony Parker has 10 points for the Spurs and has five assists as well. Tim Duncan scored eight and brought down three rebonds, while Richard Jefferson was mostly ineffective with just three points and two fouls.

The second half is about to begin. A road win would be absolutely huge for the Kings tonight.

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