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DeMarcus Cousins Joins Sacramento Kings On Flight To Memphis

The Sacramento Kings might have had a volatile situation on their hands when DeMarcus Cousins was not only sent home from Sunday's game, but his coach issued a public statement that seemed to indicate they were seriously considering moving forward without him. The Kings center has had his verbal spats with his head coach, which could cause chemistry issues, and has apparently asked for trades on multiple occasions. It's hardly a healthy situation.

So this has to be a good sign for his future in Sacramento.

Kings DeMarcus Cousins on plane to Memphis with team, source tells Y! Sports.
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This could seem to support the idea that Cousins was sent home from the Kings to try and send a message to him that his current attitude is not acceptable for the franchise. Cousins needs to perform better and become a stronger person in the locker room if he's expected to be a guy the team counts on in the future. The Kings center is too talented to just be let go because he doesn't agree with the way things are going, and Sacramento has too much to lose by dealing him. The team must learn to deal with Cousins properly.

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