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Sacramento Kings Lifeless In 99-60 Defeat To Dallas Mavericks

Zombies. The Sacramento Kings looked like they wanted to feast on human flesh in a pretty sad performance against the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavs didn't play particularly great, but they didn't really need much to take down a fatigued Sacramento team playing its fourth straight road game.

Dallas didn't need much from their starters as Dirk Nowtizki had 14 and Shawn Marion 10, but the Mavericks bench was the engine of the game. Jason Terry had 21 off the bench, Vince Carter 16, and Lamar Odom, Ian Mahinmi and Rodrigue Beaubois combined for 22 more points (Sacramento's entire bench had only 19 points).

As for some ugly symmetry, Tyreke Evans, Jimmer Fredette and J.J. Hickson each shot 1 for 8. The Kings scored 11 points in the first quarter and 23 in the first half. They shot 25.6% from the field and make only 2 of 21 three pointers. Marcus Thornton shot 4 of 14 to "lead" Sacramento with 14 points, DeMarcus Cousins added the world's loneliest double-double (12 points, 10 boards) on 4 of 12 shooting. Sacramento again had way fewer assists (ten) than turnovers (15).

Sacramento concludes their road trip when they face the Minnesota Timberwolves this Monday.

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