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DeMarcus Cousins Trade By Sacramento Kings Unlikely

The Sacramento Kings are clearly involved in a tense situation with their promising young big man, as DeMarcus Cousins was sent home from Sunday night's game against the New Orleans Hornets. Cousins apparently demanded a trade, and Paul Westphal figured it was time to send a message to his young rookie.

Westphal says Cousins has asked to be traded twice, hasn't decided if he will go on road with team this week.
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While this might suggest Westphal is losing his grip on the team, it's clear that management stands right behind their head coach on this decision.

Kings co-owner Gavin Maloof, when asked if ownership approved the move to send Cousins home, tells SI "Yeah, we back the coach."
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However, there are multiple conflicting reports about how serious Cousins is about his trade demands. Cousins has been considered to be an immature player, and the trade demand could have been made in jest. The organization also doesn't seem seriously interested in dealing one of their most talented players.

Asked Geoff Petrie if the Kigns intend to trade Cousins. His answer: "No."Plans to meet with Cousins tomorrow.
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It would indeed be rather hasty for the Kings to decide to deal Cousins. This is likely Sacramento trying to be firm in disciplining the big man to try and avoid future headaches. There is really no one Petrie could make a deal for anyway to try and make up for the loss of a player like Cousins. Try and get the situation settled before things deteriorate out of control.

Although it seems like the situation is already in a bad, bad place.

Kings adamant Cousins said he wanted to be traded. Cousins side is if he such a cancer why doesn't the team trade him?
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