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Sacramento Kings Arena: Potential Complications Arise In New Building Plan

The Sacramento Kings are desperate for a new arena. Without one, the franchise will likely be gone by this time next fall. While recent reports have indicated the arena talks are moving in the right direction, there are a few new complications that will have to be addressed before construction can begin. After a day of meetings, the Sacramento Bee fills us in on a few of these potential problems:

- Although some toxic clean-up has been done at the proposed arena site, "additional remediation work will possibly be required to use the area for an arena."

- The arena may require costly changes in plans for new water, sewer and drainage systems on the site.

These two issues seemingly coincide with each other. With the restaurants, bars, and attractions that would inevitably follow the new area, the surrounding parts would have to be completely cleaned up and suitable for fans and their families. With rigorous testing needed before construction on the water systems can begin, it may take quite a bit of time and money to bring the area up to par.

- Although there are thousands of existing parking spots within walking distance of the arena site, the project likely will require 1,500 to 1,800 new "premium" parking spots close to the arena. The arena development team could negotiate with the state to share 900 spots in the juror lot at a planned new Superior Court building in the railyard. But that will leave the arena project short an estimated 600 to 900 spots.

With many of the home games coming during the school year, the absolute last thing fans with young children or early jobs want to do is sit in traffic for an hour after exiting the arena. It is imperative the Kings have a safe, quick way to get in and out of the parking lots and garages. It may not seem like much, but terrible traffic around the arena could cut down the number of attendance on a nightly basis.

In addition to the issues with the cleanliness around the potential spot for the new arena and parking concerns, the whole issue of funding came up once again. The amount of money brought into the project will ultimately determine if the team is able to get something done, and at the moment, there are still more questions than answers in Sacramento.

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