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Is Playing Overseas an Option for Tyreke Evans?

NBA players are weighing their options as the lockout drags on through the summer.  Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant are just two of the NBA's biggest stars to express some interest playing outside of the U.S.

Add Tyreke Evans to that list, too.

"I'll play anywhere." Evans told the ESPN TrueHoop blog Cowbell Kingdom.  "I just want to play basketball.

"I love the game a lot," he added.  "If there's going to be a season, (wherever) opportunity I have to go play...if it's overseas or the U.S., wherever, I just want to play."

No teams are reportedly chasing the services of the Sacramento Kings guard.  Teammate Donté Greene however has apparently received an offer to play in Spain for Real Madrid.

Evans recently travelled overseas for a pair of exhibition games played in the Philippines.  The Kings guard was amazed at the show of support and energy Filipino fans showed during his visit.

"I wouldn't mind going back there just for a vacation," Evans said. "It was actually nice."

Evans is spending his offseason in southern California, working with basketball trainer Rob McLanaghan.  Group sessions taking place in the gym at Santa Monica High School have included other high profile participants.  Evans noted JaVale McGee, Al Horford, Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose as just some of the top players he's trained with this summer.

"When we’re working out, we try to help each other out with our games," Evans said of Westbrook and Rose.  "(We) let each other know what’s better for us to do in certain drills.  That helps us a lot in the game because (we all) do different things.  So we all just try to put it all together and make each other better."

You can listen to more of Evans thoughts, including his take on new teammates Jimmer Fredette, J.J. Hickson and John Salmons, on this week's Cowbell Kingdom podcast.