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Sacramento Kings-New York Knicks NBA Trade Rumor: Omri Casspi For Toney Douglas And Cash?

Hey look! A trade rumor that doesn't involve Monta Ellis. How refreshing. Unfortunately, it's one of those rumors that you wish you could verify with an official source.

According to someone called Probballdraft on Twitter (an NBA draft expert, columnist and TV personality who apparently has to go anonymous to keep his identity safe to report these rumors), the New York Knicks and Sacramento Kings are wheeling and dealing on a curious trade offer. Small forward Omri Casspi would be shipped to Madison Square Garden in exchange for Toney Douglas and cash considerations ($3 million).

At first glance, this rumor is hard to believe. The Knicks would now have to rely almost solely on Chauncey Billups at point guard and hope Andy Rautins develops, then somehow get something out of the Landry Fields. And let's face it: The Israeli connection has had Casspi linked with New York ever since he arrived in the league. Seems like this person could be playing to the crowd.

It makes about as much sense from the Kings. Marcus Thornton and Tyreke Evans had trouble coexisting offensively on the court. Douglas, Marcus Thornton and Tyreke Evans all trying to share the ball with each other? Migraines, so many migraines. Casspi might not have the greatest upside, but you'd think the Kings could get a little more if they wanted to deal him.

Then you hear "cash considerations", and you immediately grumble, "Those blasted Maloofs." Not much to like about this trade unless other trades follow this rumored one.

Kings & Knicks fans, would you be happy with a Casspi-Douglas swap? Let us know in the comments!

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