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Jermaine Taylor Waived, Ending Faint Hopes For Sacramento Kings Title Run Next Season

The Sacramento Kings waived guard Jermaine Taylor on Tuesday afternoon (HT Sactown Royalty), which had to be equivalent of pouring battery acid on season ticket-holders of the team. Taylor was the cog many people believed would be the final piece to the championship puzzle.

Just look at this! Transition dunk against the champs! That's something LeBron James couldn't do a few days ago! Sacramento will be starved for offense now without this elite wing attacker on the perimeter to charge things up.

After the jump, our fifteen reasons for why Taylor's departure is comparable to LeBron's departure from Cleveland.

Ok, I'm done pulling your leg. Moving on to the serious.

Obviously the Kings had a choice between Taylor and Marcus Thornton, and although Taylor could be a valuable player to develop down the road, Thornton can produce now, and the Kings do need to produce with a crucial year in Sacramento forthcoming. The final two years on Taylor's contract were non-guaranteed if he was waived before August 1st, so it made sense for Sacramento to release Taylor now if he wasn't going to be a part of their long-term plans. The upside and at

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