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Sacramento Kings Relocation Saga: David Stern Speaks

NBA Commissioner David Stern conducted a conference call this afternoon with media addressing the Maloofs decision to keep the Kings in Sacramento.

The commissioner said he was very impressed by the overwhelming show of support from the Sacramento community and its leaders, especially Mayor Kevin Johnson.  He lightheartedly joked that perhaps he could use the former NBA point guard's help in collective bargaining negotiations.

"I was extraordinarily impressed for him to do that in such a short time," Stern said of Johnson's efforts to rally $10 million in new corporate commitments for the Kings.

The commissioner also added that the league would be sending a taskforce to assist the Kings with sales, public relations and corporate negotiations. 

"The (NBA) people who are going to be on the ground (in Sacramento) are going to be involved in all aspects of the teams operation," Stern said. "Including its relationship with the media, its relationship with sponsors, it's relationship with season-ticket holders."