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Sacramento Kings Relocation Saga: George Maloof Speaks

A decision has been made to a member of the Maloof clan.  News 10's Brian May is in Las Vegas and was able to catch up with Joe and Gavin's younger brother, George yesterday for an interview.

CSN California reported earlier this evening that both the Maloofs and NBA are expected to issue a statement today formally announcing the Kings will stay in Sacramento.  They also reported that Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson is expected to hold a press conference addressing the decision sometime today as well.

The Maloofs met opposition in their proposed move from fellow owners following the NBA's Board of Governor's meetings two weeks ago.  After a fact-finding mission from Oklahoma City Thunder owner and relocation committee chairman Clay Bennett, the NBA promptly expressed their recommendation that the Kings stay in Sacramento to the Maloofs last Wednesday.  

Meanwhile, Sacramento plead its case as a viable NBA market.  Johnson was able to successfully secure $10 million in new corporate revenue for the Kings in just a matter of weeks.  

Though it appears the Kings will be playing in Sacramento next season, their long-term future hinges upon the construction of a new entertainment-and-sports complex.  If no progress is made by the this time next year, we could find ourselves playing this same game all over again - this time with a different outcome.