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Sacramento Kings Relocation Saga: Maloofs To Announce Decision Monday, 10 AM

Brian May of News10 tweets that the Maloof owners have come to their final decision regarding the Sacramento Kings. They will announce it at 10 AM on Monday morning. The Maloofs had the weekend to decide whether to file for relocation or begin the process of returning to Sacramento.

There are three likely and potential scenarios in play.

  • The NBA has already made it clear that they would prefer the Maloof owners stay in Sacramento. Whether that preference has any effect on the final decision remains to be seen, but it's becoming clearer that the path to Anaheim could be littered with more loaning, more debt, and lack of making money. And they're not at all guaranteed to be moving, with many hurdles yet to clear. This couldn't possibly end well.
  • The road back to Sacramento will require a lot of rebuilding. They will have to reach out to the community, they will have to get an arena in place, or try and wait it out another year and make another bid for Anaheim. Nothing is certain if the Maloofs decide to keep the team and stay in Sactown. No one knows how long they'll be here.
  • Or they could be selling the team to someone else. This would ensure the Kings would be in Sacramento for quite awhile, and this is probably what Kings fans are rooting for.

What do you think the Maloofs will choose? Let us know in the comments!

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