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Sacramento Kings Anaheim Relocation Rumors: Big Money Continues to Play Role in Kings Moving Saga

The outstanding debt the Kings owe the city of Sacramento continues to be a topic of conversation as the team negotiates a move to Anaheim.  Last week, the city sent two letters regarding the $70-million loan to Kings Business Operations and the NBA in hopes of getting written assurances it's paid in full should the team leave.

Today, it received a reply from the League.  Tony Bizjak of the Sacramento Bee has the details.

In a letter dated April 4 to Assistant City Manager John Dangberg, NBA attorney Richard Buchanan writes: "As of this time, the NBA has not received an application from the Kings to relocate. If the Kings submit an application to relocate, we expect that the team will act appropriately with respect to any remaining financial obligations it may have to the City of Sacramento."

Meanwhile, Southern California's premiere franchise could lose more television dollars than originally expected with a Kings move to Anaheim.  Sam Amick, now of Sports Illustrated, reports the following:

The operative word there being "television." The Lakers recently signed a deal with Time Warner that a source with a vested interest in knowing the terms insists is worth $5 billion over 25 years (conceivably $200 million annually). The agreement has previously been reported as a 20-year, $3 billion deal, but that figure has been refuted by involved parties.

According to a recent report, the Lakers stand to lose 10 percent of the deal should the Kings move to Anaheim. Given the 25-year, $5 billion figure, then, the two-time defending champions would have $500 million reasons to oppose this particular relocation.

With possibly a half-billion dollars at stake, Lakers owner Jerry Buss is expected to drum up opposition against a Kings move south.  Clippers owner Donald Sterling could stand to lose a significant amount of change too and will probably join Buss in his efforts.

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