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Sacramento Kings Anaheim Relocation Rumors: Here We Build Rally Draws Close to 200 Fans

Over 150-200 Kings fans rallied at Cesar Chavez Park near Sacramento City Hall yesterday to show their passion and support for the city's only major pro sports team.  Here We Build, a social media fan movement geared toward building a new Sacramento arena for the Kings, organized yesterday's rally which took place before the city's weekly council meeting.

Former Kings owner Gregg Lukenbill was one of several speakers to address the crowd of fans.  Blake Ellington of Bleed Black and Purple and organizer of Here We Stay (another movement focused on keeping in the Kings in Sacramento) captured Lukenbill's speech in its entirety.

Following the rally, a number of those same fans made their way to City Hall for the council meeting according to TV station News 10. However, none spoke during the time allotted for public comment.  Mayor Kevin Johnson was noticeably absent from this week's meeting as well.

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