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Sacramento Kings Anaheim Relocation Rumors: Here We Build Organizes City Council Rally

We told you last week about die-hard Kings fans who have grown tired of the lack of progress toward building a new Sacramento arena.  Tonight, they're holding a rally before the Sacramento City Council holds their weekly meeting. From their Facebook page:

WHY: To give the grassroots fans of the Sacramento region the opportunity to be heard, to express their love and appreciation for the Kings and the Maloofs, and to voice their desire for the Kings to stay in Sacramento. Another purpose is to honor those who work at the arena and in Natomas. They are an important part of our community, and their jobs are vital.

The rally, which starts at 5 pm, will be held at Cesar Chavez Plaza, between 9th and 10th and I and J Streets.  Several city leaders, including former Kings owner Gregg Lukenbill,  as well as the movement's founder, KHTK radio personality Carmichael Dave plan to speak at the event.

Aaron Bruski of Rotoworld recently spoke with Dave about the Here We Build campaign and his dedication as a Kings fan.  You can read the three-page Q&A here.

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