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Sacramento Kings Relocation Saga: NBA Tells Maloofs to Stay

Yesterday, the Maloofs along with officials from Anaheim spoke with NBA representatives in a conference call arranged by relocation committee chairman Clay Bennett.  Important details of what was discussed have now been released.  From the Sac Bee:

The Kings owners expressed appreciation for local businesses that have pledged $10 million in sponsorship support for next year, but also shared concerns about whether their finances can withstand several years of waiting for a new arena to be built, and whether Sacramento will be able to come up with an arena plan that is financially feasible, given past failures. NBA officials, in turn, told the Maloofs to stay in Sacramento.

And this morning, a press conference held by Mayor Kevin Johnson at the downtown railyards site was abruptly interrupted.  KJ stepped away to take what appeared to be an important phone call.  Rob McAllister of KFBK radio was there and recapped what happened:

The Mayor ran into his black SUV at 10:40 in the morning and remained on the line for 20 minutes. When he emerged form the right back seat, Johnson appeared with a smile on his face. The Mayor would not say who he spoke with. “That is a private call,” he said.

Johnson did say he has not spoken with NBA Relocation Committee Chair Clay Bennett, but asked if it was NBA Commissioner David Stern on the call, “I am refusing to answer that question right now.” Mayor Johnson also would not say whether he knew if the Maloofs had made a decision or not.

The Maloofs are expected to come to a decision regarding the franchise's future before this weekend.

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