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Sacramento Kings Relocation Saga: Sacramento Corporations Put Deposit Down on Kings

This morning, Mayor Kevin Johnson and representatives of 30+ businesses met with NBA officials (led by Chris Granger, an NBA Vice President who leads the Team Marketing and Business Operations division) to back up their pledge of $10.2 million for future sponsorship for the Sacramento Kings.

Mayor Johnson called it “a historic day” and that Sacramento had “made a down payment on the Sacramento Kings and this being their permanent home”.

Johnson went on to say that he is confident the city will know the status of the team’s future (at least for next year) by May 2nd, the newest deadline to file for relocation. The NBA’s relocation committee (headed by Clay Bennett, fresh off a visit to Sacramento last week) is expected to reconvene later this week and make their recommendation on whether or not the Kings should stay or move to Anaheim. All indications are that the recommendation will be to stay.

If the Kings do stay, the focus will shift from keeping the Kings here to a renewed focus on building an arena. The Taylor/ICON group currently have a feasibility plan in the works that will be ready by the end of May or early June. If Sacramento can finally put together a solid arena deal throughout the next year, the Kings could remain here for a long time. Otherwise it is very likely Kings fans and Sacramento have to go through this whole saga again, and probably with a much more negative result.

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