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Sacramento Kings Relocation: Anaheim Dollars Not As Lucrative As Once Thought?

Anaheim's consideration as a relocation destination for the Kings is predicated upon two major factors:

  1. Major Corporate Sponsorships
  2. Media Market

But according to SI's Sam Amick, item two may not be as lucrative as once thought. Amick reports that Anaheim has a TV deal worth $20 million annually with KDOC, an independent television station in Orange County co-owned by none other than Henry Samueli, a major backer of a Kings move south.  But a $20-million-a-year deal in the nation's second largest media market might not be enough to impress fellow owners and David Stern.

By comparison, the Kings' current deal with Comcast is believed to be worth approximately $11 million annually, not much more than the league-low of $9 million annual agreement for the Charlotte Bobcats. The Clippers' television contract with Fox Sports West is, according to sources, worth $22.5 million annually (although renegotiations are expected considering the team's increased relevance) and the Lakers' Time Warner deal is believed to be worth $200 million annually (potentially 25 years and a combined $5 billion).


The math, in other words, just isn't adding up like the Maloofs had hoped. And while the complications continue in Anaheim, optimism is on the rise in Sacramento.

Following last week's board of governors' meetings, Anaheim's response to the growing questions about their city's viability for an NBA franchise has so far been minimal.  The OC Register reported that Mayor Tom Tait stepped down from the board of the Orange County Transportation Authority to focus on "other duties".

Anaheim is amid several high-profile transportation projects, pushing to build the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC), a rail, bus and taxi hub near Angel Stadium, and seeking a high-speed rail line between here and San Francisco.

Meanwhile businesses are rallying here in Sacramento, with Mayor Kevin Johnson boasting $8 million in corporate dollars following Thunder Valley Casino Resort's million-dollar commitment Tuesday.  Also, region leaders met yesterday with KJ to discuss plans for today's visit from NBA relocation committee chairman Clay Bennett and what can be done to break ground on a new entertainment-and-sports complex.

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