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Sacramento Kings Relocation: Mitch Richmond Speaks

Former Kings great Mitch Richmond joined KFBK's morning news program to discuss the Kings relocation saga.  Richmond spent his final NBA season with the Los Angeles Lakers and was asked if the Southern California market could support a third professional basketball team.

I know Anaheim can because Anaheim has been trying to get the (Los Angeles) Clippers for a while.  They've been trying to parlay and get the Clippers down there.  Every time the Clippers play or the Lakers play there, they sell out.  And I think that city gets tired of driving to LA for a game because they do have rich city in that area.  And I think it probably can support them and that's probably why they went that way.

Richmond admitted he had been out of the loop regarding the Kings possible move to Anaheim.  But based on the recent developments after last week's board of governors meetings, the former Kings guard sounded optimistic.

That's outstanding.  It shows you right there what's going to happen if the Maloofs clearly want the team to be in Sacramento (or) they could sell and get the profit back on what the bought for it, then why not?

You can listen to the entire five-minute interview here.

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