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Sacramento Kings Relocation Rumors: Who Is Ron Burkle?

So many of you are probably wondering who exactly this Ron Burkle fellow is who wants to buy the Sacramento Kings. Here is your bullet point summary.

  • He's a long-time supporter and donor to the Democratic Party, which should play quite strongly in the blue state of California and the liberal-leaning city of Sacramento. He is also connected to the Clintons. David Stern has long been rumored to be a Democratic donor.  Hmm ...
  • He owns or has owned a stake in Wild Oats Markets (natural foods), Golden State Markets (supplier of produce to fast food chains), and numerous other chain grocery stories. The man loves his supermarkets.
  • He has had a lot of stake in many notable retail chains, as Jason Kirk at SB Nation details.
  • The biggest mark to his credit is his part-ownership of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and how he probably had a hand in saving their team from relocation. Considering the strong recent history of the Penguins during his ownership, the man clearly cares not only about small markets, but about winning too. If the Maloofs were to sell the franchise to him, this could end up being the best of all worlds for the NBA, the owners, and most importantly, the fans of Sacramento.

It's almost too good to be true. And you know what they say about things that are too good to be true ...

For more coverage, stay tuned to Sactown Royalty.